The perfume bottle you carry must be exquisite and compact. Metal plated lipstick perfume bottles are suitable for bright and elegant fashion; glass bottles are crystal clear and suitable for casual wear.

How perfume bottles can effectively protect perfume

1, perfume has a strong volatility, after use to close the perfume bottle cap, otherwise it will make the perfume oxidation and deterioration.

2, do not let the sun shine directly on the perfume bottle, so as not to change the flavor and color.

3, to avoid the contact of perfume and air, after using a certain number can be sunk into glass beads in the perfume bottle, increase the perfume liquid surface, perfume bottle mouth full of aroma, not to air into the bottle.

4, do not put the perfume in the refrigerator, once the water vapor into it will make the perfume deteriorate.

5, shake the perfume bottle without reason, otherwise it will accelerate its volatilization.

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