At present, there are nearly 1,000 companies that produce heat transfer equipment in China, but only a few dozen of them actually have production capacity. Originally, this device did not have any special technical secrets at all. As this device was hooked up with the transfer printing and it was suitable to open a shop for personal images, it was deliberately covered with a layer of fog.

As to what the first generation devices are, most of them are changes made by various manufacturers to reduce costs or change device suppliers. The improvement in performance is not necessarily non-existent, but it is not related to the names of the first generation devices. of. So if a company says that the 6th generation of equipment is better than the 1st generation, it has no practical meaning. The idea of ​​selling is actually more precise, and there is no direct connection with the use of technology and users.

The following author will give you a comprehensive introduction to the basic knowledge of thermal transfer technology equipment (tablet products introduced, does not include the tablet used in industry, that is, flat surface area does not exceed 40*60cm tablet machine).

First, the basic principle of equipment

1, from the principle of thermal sublimation transfer, each thermal transfer device is a different shape of the heating element, by adding a temperature controller to control the temperature of the heating element in a range. At the same time, in order to facilitate the control of the sublimation transfer time, a time controller is added, which will remind the user when the set time is reached.

2, from the circuit theory, the thermal transfer device is a temperature controller and the time controller control a heating device, temperature and time can be set in advance, the temperature of the heating device is stable at the set value, the time will be After reaching the set value, the power is automatically disconnected. Of course, this heating element is based on the transfer of different products, and made cylindrical, square plane, round surface, circular surface and other shapes, in order to transfer different products.

Second, the classification of equipment

1, according to the transfer of different products: into the cap machine, baking machine, baking cup machine, tablet machine (as curved surface transfer machine and universal transfer machine and no substantive difference, in fact, the oven, was artificial The name of Xuan Xuan was used, so I will not introduce it here;)

2, according to the time and temperature control mode: divided into analog control, semi-digital control, dual digital control;

3, because the flatbed machine is the most widely used, the use of the most extensive, not only for personal transfer use, but also garment factories, gift factories, heat transfer industry, are widely used in this machine, so the tablet is manufactured in addition to a variety of structures Meet different needs. Divided into: Ordinary direct pressure flat machine, high pressure direct pressure flat machine, ordinary shake machine (because the pressure is not high pressure machine, the cost is high, not practical and rare), Korean shaking machine (with biased bearings, transfer printing When the pressure can be very high).

4, in addition, is a one-in-one transfer equipment, common 3 in 1 (flat, baking cups, baking pans), 4 in 1 (flat, baking cups, baking pans, baking caps), more than one Equipment, such as 9-in-1 or even 12-in-1, is often flashy. For example, to add a different diameter baking mat, and even increase the pressure on a set of badges, and some also added a UV lamp to cure the crystal. However, in terms of actual use, too much unity is rather inconvenient in use. General all-in-one machines are advantageous when the rent is very expensive and the area is limited. If it is not an area limit, the all-in-one machine will be quite troublesome due to repeated replacements due to the need to replace parts when transferring different products. .

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