A recent cephalosporin intravenous infusion product was packaged using the Duplex system. The IV bag of this system does not contain latex components and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) components, and the drug and diluent are in the two “closets” of the same injection bag. This effect is achieved through a "quick release" seal. When the seal is opened, the drug and diluent can be mixed, and no additional vial or other additional device is required to mix the drug. Before the drug was mixed, the package could be stored at room temperature for up to eighteen months without the need for thawing like traditional drugs.

B. Braun Medial Inc. Pharmaceutical Company claims that the use of Duplex system packaging allows the intravenous injection of cephalosporin sodium, which is the first case in the United States. “Duplex provided hospitals with the best value for the packaging of cebutidine sodium infusions. Despite the recent unpredictable changes in the pharmaceutical market, the use of such antibiotics remains strong, which is not unrelated to its unique packaging.” The company’s marketing director Rick Williamson said. At the same time, he also pointed out that Baxter Healthcare has stopped the production of frozen cephalosporin sodium infusion.

B. Braun Medical Pharmaceuticals designed the Duplex system to ease the workload for pharmacists and healthcare professionals and help them reduce potential pharmaceutical preparation errors. "This well-formulated and ready-to-use injection eliminates the need for vials for mixing pharmaceuticals, and eliminates the need to thaw frozen pharmaceuticals, which saves a lot of valuable time." Long Island Jewish Medical Center (New York) Pharmacy The instructor, James Abberton, said, “Our nurses also found that the Duplex system is easy to operate, greatly reducing the potential for drug dose error and adding a safety guarantee to the patient during treatment.”

The unique barcode system in the Duplex system can indicate the final mixing ratio for reference by medical personnel. This reduces medical errors to a certain degree, and also automatically records the patient's resume.

Today, B. Braun Pharmaceuticals provides hospitals with a variety of intravenous cephalosporin antibiotics, including ceftriaxone, cefuroxime and cebutabine. The cellophane and cebutiridine sodium packaged in the Duplex system was launched in July this year.

Source: "Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions"

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