In recent years, special products such as mahogany, tea, medicinal materials, stamps, and jade have passed through a wave of thrilling price roller coasters at a jaw-dropping speed. Although located in the northwest, Yinchuan is in sync with the country in the rhythm of mahogany furniture consumption. Judging from the price list of Liantian red mahogany furniture, the price of several major mahogany furniture products has increased by three to five times from September 2009 to September 2011, showing a new round of price soaring. situation. The price increase of mahogany furniture is much higher than the increase in the price of gold in the same period.

It is understood that between 2005 and 2009, the price of redwood has completed the ups and downs from the mountains to the bottom. Since September 2009, with the weakening of the impact of the international financial crisis, the market of the mahogany market has rapidly heated up. Even the price list of the red mahogany furniture shows that the price of Vietnamese huanghuali furniture is 859 yuan/kg, and the price of lobular rosewood furniture is 689 yuan. / kg, Laos red rosewood furniture price of 179 yuan / kg, African chicken wing wood furniture price of 89 yuan / kg. By September 2011, the price of Huanghuali furniture was 4,499 yuan/kg, the price of lobular rosewood furniture was 2,899 yuan/kg, the price of Laos red rosewood furniture was 699 yuan/kg, and the price of chicken wing wood furniture was 389 yuan/kg. Prices have risen from three to five times. Judging from the price list of Liandian, since 2010, the price has been adjusted almost every month, and it has basically improved.

According to the current price trend of mahogany furniture, it seems that it is early to buy early. But the roller coaster game of mahogany prices is also reminding consumers that the market is risky and investment must be cautious. According to industry insiders, commodities such as mahogany with value-added and value-added features are now expensive, both in terms of real demand on the market and as a component of hot money speculation. In fact, behind the soaring prices of commodities such as mahogany furniture and the rapid bursting of the bubble, to a certain extent, it reflects the problems of single investment channels for private capital and narrow ways to preserve and increase the value of wealth.

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