Following the above, let us take a look at the second test method La2: the steady-state air pressure of the non-abrasive fine dust test.

a. The test piece shall be tested for visual, dimensional and functional requirements in accordance with the relevant specifications before the test.

b. The test dust is a dry fine grain without wear force, and must pass through a square mesh having a width of 75 mm, and the wire diameter is 50 mm.

c. The test dust was heated at 80 ° C for 2 hours to dry it, and the test dust was not reused more than 20 times.

d. The main direction of airflow in the sand dust test chamber must be vertically upward and downward, and should not be laminar. The air flow rate must be sufficient to produce a uniform distribution of dust particles within the tank.

e. The relative humidity in the sand test chamber must be kept below 25%.

f. The test piece should be placed in the test chamber in a non-packaged, shut-down, and ready-to-use format.

g. According to the operating condition of the test piece, select the appropriate air pressure condition inside the test piece from section 5.(1)b.(b). If the test piece produces a temperature cycle effect under the operating conditions, test category 1 should be selected; If this is not the case, select test category 2.

h. For test category 1, the vacuum pump should be connected to the test piece drip hole and start the vacuum pump (if there is no proper pumping hole, the test piece must be drilled. If there are more than one drip hole, the remaining drip hole should be tested. Seal) to extract the air inside the test piece and then introduce the dust into the sand test chamber for a period of time (determined by the residence time in Section 5.(1)b.(d)). In the case of test category 2, dust is introduced into the tank and held for 8 hours.

i. If the relevant specifications specify otherwise, the measurements shall be performed during or at the end of the test.

j. After the test, the test piece is placed in the box until all the dust particles fall.

k. Place the test piece under standard atmospheric conditions for 2 hours to restore the original condition, and then perform visual, dimensional and functional inspection.

l. Before the final measurement, the surface of the test piece can be cleaned according to relevant specifications.

沙尘试验IEC 68-2-68之细尘试验具体步骤 下

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