Skin care products are becoming more and more elaborate. The traditional use order of water, after-milk and re-frost can no longer meet the maintenance effect of high-tech products. The standard order should be adjusted when encountering special usage of special products. Under the influence of different textures and targeted maintenance effects, the order of use of skin care products should be “special issues special treatment”.

"First water after the milk" is a certain rule?

"First water after the milk" is a certain rule?

It is still necessary to say that the traditional concept of maintenance , the first water after the milk is the first "golden maintenance code" for every woman, Japanese beauty expert Saeki Chijin advocates "water first open the channel, emulsion / cream to form a nutrient oil seal" maintenance concept. After washing your face, the weakly acidic skin is adjusted to be alkaline. Using the lotion in time can help the skin to restore normal pH and soften the keratin. The skin is cleaned again. The follow-up skin care products can also be cleaned in the “water channel”. Get better absorption after opening. However, there are exceptions. The Japanese brand albion and the high-end brand cosmedecorte of the Kose Group proposed a concept of “first milk after water”: after washing the face, first use the lotion to lubricate the cuticles, help the keratin gaps, and then use the lotion. This allows the water molecules to penetrate more easily and is not blocked in the stratum corneum by gaps that are not clear.

Of course, not all lotions need to play the role of this "leading force" to clear the horny. In particular, the components of polymer glue and silicon that hinder subsequent absorption are used before the lotion, but the water molecules are not easily penetrated. Therefore, unless the brand emphasizes, the "golden rule" of maintaining the "first water after the milk" is still the safest and most effective. Maintenance.

How to order multiple bottles of multi-effect and multi-layer skin care products

Multi-bottle multi-effect and multi-quality skin care products can not be sorted?

The traditional "same series of the same attribute" skin care products often do not need to use the order of headaches, the first water, the after-effects, the re-emulsion cream in the order of moisturizing, whitening, anti-wrinkle and other effects of the same series of skin care products in the end . However, higher and higher maintenance demands often lead to maintenance problems of different series and different attributes. For example, to mix and match moisturizing lotion, anti-wrinkle essence, whitening anti-oxidant cream, I generally recommend the order of water, then essence, re-emulsion and cream.

In addition, if you encounter products of the same texture that need to be stacked, such as whitening essence, moisturizing essence and anti-wrinkle essence, if you want to use the same maintenance effect at the same time, use the order to learn. The first to use, it should be anti-wrinkle essence, followed by whitening essence, the last use is moisturizing essence.

The reason for this can be clarified according to the skin structure. The source of aging wrinkles is in the dermis layer of the skin. The production of melanocytes is located in the basal layer of the keratin, slightly outward than the dermis, while the moisturizing ingredients are usually macromolecules, mainly concentrated outside the stratum corneum.

Therefore, in accordance with the order of "from the inside and the table", the effects of various essences can be maintained in place.

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