When the hot weather strikes, is your skin bearing the test? Especially after experiencing high temperature and roasting, have you cooled your skin? After sunburn, if you do not take care of your skin, you may experience symptoms such as inflammation. The following small series introduces three quick cooling methods for you to refresh your summer.

Skin quickly cools down here

Beauty muscle cooling program one: cool beauty cleansing method

Washing water temperature should not be too high, in the hot summer days can effectively remove grease, and will not feel overheated comfortable water temperature is 25-28 degrees. For facial cleansing products for personal skin, cleansing products with different traits can be used to remove skin dirt. Do not choose cleansing products that are not suitable for your skin. Strong decontamination will only bring dryness to the skin, water and oil imbalance. The problem of oil coming out is also more serious.

Skin quickly cools down here

Beauty muscle cooling solution 2: moisturizing spray to solve the skin sticky feeling

Pray for the next heavy rain to relieve the high temperature pressure, may wish to come to an "individual rainfall" every day? Moisturizing spray, a product that was once used only in the dry season of autumn and winter, actually appeared on the hot summer days when it appeared on stage.

When the skin is inflamed after sun exposure, or when the skin feels slightly warm, the presence of a moisturizing spray will help the skin to calm down and cool down.

Skin quickly cools down here

Beauty muscle cooling program three: ice mask to cool down

Like to apply mask is a good habit to create beautiful skin. Before applying the mask in the summer, try to squirt the mask a little bit. The slight coldness can degrade the heat of the day and let the body and mind relax.

Square Tray:

This square tray is very popular, with good quality and high sales volume. The large capacity design makes it easy to use, and the tray durable and environmentally friendly.

Description of the square tray:

Name:square tray

Material: galvanized iron, tinplate

Fields of applications: bar, party, hotel, home, weeding, outdoor activity

Square tray

metal tray

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4.What is the transportation ?

If small quantity, we suggest that sent by Courier, If large amount, by shipping.

5.If goods are damaged in transit, how to do ?

Products are inspected strictly before shipping, if damage, they can be replaced .

Square Tray

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