Even though you have tried many products of major brands, are you still confused in the process of purchasing cosmetics, and have entered various misunderstandings? This section of the BA, especially for you to contact the consumer's skin care, make-up and perfume consultants, face-to-face communication with the editor, to count the current consumer misunderstandings, to help you advance to more sensible, rational cosmetics buyers!
Mistakes in the selection of moisturizing products in the summer 1 When purchasing moisturizing products, the more moisturizing the texture, the more moisturizing.
In the hot summer, too high temperature will cause a lot of water loss in the skin. The first step is to help the skin return to the moist environment by moisturizing care. However, the more moisturizing the product, the more moisturizing the product, the moisturizing touch is not equal to the long-lasting moisturizing, or the moisturizing ingredients contained in the product to select the product.
Myth 2 Summer skin is easy to greasy, just take a toner to suffice.
Although the toner feels moist, but the moisturizing effect is not very strong, only choose products with high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients, such as moisturizing cream, essence, hydrating mask, can really play the moisturizing effect from the inside out. The best moisturizing use of lotion is to match the cotton pad and make a moisturizing mask. After using it for one month, you can see the moisturizing effect.
BA recommended H2O facial oasis ocean camp moisturizing gel RMB490/50ml

"Capture" water factor B5, can quickly penetrate into the skin, sensitive to the external humidity and skin moisture changes, capture water molecules from the air and introduce into the skin, so that the skin has "water gravity", all weather moisture filling.
The essence can also be superimposed. Kanebo BA Chen Xiaoyu Misunderstanding 1 Only after the makeup has been made, it is necessary to remove the makeup. It is also possible to remove makeup on weekdays.
Make-up remover is not only to remove makeup, but also to remove dirt and sebum secretion throughout the day. Especially in the summer, sunscreen products are used every day, and makeup removal work is even more important. Otherwise, it will cause pore blockage, and it is easier to get acne in summer.
Myth 2 After purchasing the whitening essence, you can't superimpose other essences.
In fact, this is not absolutely true. In the spring and summer season, there will be more demand for whitening, and whitening essence has become an indispensable item. You can choose some light whitening essences and use them with anti-aging essences, which will not only affect the feeling of use, but also have double skin care effects.

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