2.2 UV Absorption of Primary Pigments and Selection of Initiators

Using the Shimadzu UV420-02 UV-Vis spectrophotometer, the UV absorption and transmission wavelength of the pigments used in the main application are shown in Table 1.

The key to UV curing is to ensure that the radical initiator in the ink absorbs the energy of the UV light and initiates the polymerization of unsaturated bonds in the prepolymer. Therefore, the pigment added to the ink must not shield the UV light. The initiator selected in the experiment absorbs ultraviolet light in the wavelength region just outside the pigment absorption region, that is, the absorption wavelength region of the radical initiator can overlap with the maximum transmission wavelength region of the pigment, that is, the selected initiator is in the pigment absorption region. There is a suitable wavelength window outside. According to this selection principle, the matching of pigment and initiator absorption wavelengths is shown in Table 2.

The above selection was verified in the formulation test. In the formulation test, the viscosity, curing speed, and adhesion after curing are used as evaluation indicators. After a large number of formulation studies, the formula with better overall performance is shown in Table 3-6. The performance test of each optimized formulation after coating and curing on paper is shown in Table 7.

3 Conclusion

1) Synthesis of epoxy acrylate, urethane acrylate prepolymer and optimization of synthesis conditions.

2) The concept of wavelength window matching initiator and pigment selection was proposed and verified by application tests.

3) The ink formulation optimization of the four main colors is completed, and the curing speed and performance after curing are similar to those of general-purpose foreign models.

(Wen / Chen Wen Yang Shuangming Peng Xuejun Liu Dongxing Zhuzhou Institute of Technology)

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