Today's parents pay great attention to the decoration of children's rooms. When choosing materials, pay special attention to safety and environmental protection. Children's furniture is naturally also developing in these two directions, and children's furniture for solid wood varnish should also be popular during the summer.

Children's furniture is practical

Step into any specialty store for children's homes, the most visible beds, desks, wardrobes, styles are simple and practical. Among the many children's furniture stores in the second floor of Fuyi Decoration Plaza in Zhongshan City, the recent bed is the largest sales. According to the salesman of the Oriental Forest Children's Furniture Store, the children's bed has the largest sales volume of the high and low beds. "The high and low beds can climb up and down, and there are also many places for children to play and put things, which is basically the customer's first choice."

Desks and wardrobe customers generally look at the age of the child to buy. "My child is only 2 years old. Now he is ready to put a bed in his room. When he goes to school, he will add a desk." Ms. Zhang, who came to buy children's furniture, said. The furniture such as bedside tables and coat racks are mostly used for decoration, and few customers are purchased. “It’s better to put a bedside table or a bookcase on the bedside table.” Introduction to the sales staff of Aiduoku Children’s Furniture Store.

The proportion of solid wood varnish furniture is getting bigger and bigger

The dealer who made the "Oriental Forest" brand sold a color children's furniture before, but now the solid wood is more popular. “Solid varnish children's furniture is better than environmental protection. Furniture is coated with a layer of water-based environmental varnish on the solid wood. The newly bought furniture is only the fragrance of pine, and there is no smell. In recent years, with the proportion of solid wood varnish furniture in the children's furniture market. Increasingly large, we also changed the sales brand in time. After we changed the brand, we basically have 20% sales increment every year."

Sales staff introduced that children's solid wood furniture is mostly pine, mainly because the texture of pine wood is better, and the price of pine is relatively moderate. However, pine is softer, and if it is hit by a hard object, there will be a depression, but it will not affect the use. There is also a not so good place for solid wood furniture, that is, the commonly used areas will have some dirt and look darker than other areas.

Colorful furniture wins in cute

With the change of parental education concept, parents will give children a certain initiative. When children's furniture is selected, let the children choose furniture by themselves. Then the colored furniture is more suitable for children. “Girls generally choose pink, and boys are mostly blue and green.” Wang Mengxuan, who has been selling children's furniture for more than 4 years, said that I have been selling it.

According to reports, the children's furniture of solid wood varnish is indeed hot, but the color furniture is also improving. For example, for children with small children, they will recommend that customers change the color part to matt plate, so that it will not affect the vision of young children; for example, water-based paint is used in paint, and the materials used are environmentally friendly. Standard, relatively less polluting. "After all, children's nature still likes to have color. Although the children's furniture of solid wood varnish is relatively hot now, colored children's furniture will certainly have a certain market share. Generally, the home decoration style is more modern, and color furniture will be selected."

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