Last week, Forbes announced the 2012 China Celebrity List. In this list, Fan Bingbing pressed Wang Fei and the national idol Li Na, only after Jay Chou and Andy Lau, ranked third, becoming the absolute leader of Chinese women. In addition to the natural appearance, the super sexy and glamorous makeup also paved the way for Fan Bingbing to make her the field and become a real "father."

Super retro atmosphere red lip makeup

At the moment, the fashion circle is swept by a strong retro trend, and this trend has spread to the field of make-up. Red lips make up the most important element like a retro style tribute. However, the female star can definitely find the authentic red lips makeup appearance, but the red lips makeup interpretation of the retro, charming, sexy, tempting one, must first push Fan Ye.

Fan's red lip makeup

Fan's red lip makeup

Interpretation of Fan's Red Lip Makeup: Whether it is with a gentle Chinese-style haircut, or a weird Western-style wind wig, or a well-regulated wave head, Fan Bingbing (click to watch Fan Bingbing's film and television works "Guanyin Mountain" and "Peach Blossom") can be used Delicate red lips, let yourself shine.

Xiaobian Zhizhao: Careful observation of Fan Bingbing's red lips makeup success, the secret lies in two points:

1, first use the lip liner to outline the perfect lip shape, want to embody the charming and touching of the red lip makeup, to thin the upper lip as much as possible, the lower lip must be slightly thicker, and the arc is obvious enough to create the atmosphere.

2, draw red lips makeup, must choose a lip shape product without any pearl light, after painting, we must save the last step we used to create a doodle lip - apply lip gloss, if it is with pearl or gel texture The shape of the red lips is definitely a makeup failure.

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4.Push down the lid with clean fingers, a paper towel or spoon, then lift it off, being careful to not cut your fingers.
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