About five or six years ago, perhaps earlier, the brand of the tents started to make an article about the weight of the tent according to the market's response, so the nylon 70D fabric was slowly coated with light double-sided/single-sided silicon fabric. Instead, 40D 30D 20D 15D and even 10D fabrics have come into being. The caliber of the post has been adopted from the beginning of 11mm to 7.5mm (the world's best manufacturers: DAC & YUNNAN's aviation aluminum and EASTON's carbon rods are also racking their brains. Therefore, tents are getting lighter and lighter. This is worth promoting and affirming.

Double-sided silicon coated fabrics are now widely used in the tent industry. At the beginning, they could not be applied to plastic strips. A German company (VAUDE) pioneered the development of a double-bonded strip of silicon-coated fabric, which has successfully made up for this defect. And apply for a patent, other brands can only look back, and some companies have developed a line with a cotton bale Polyester to compete with it, this line will have expansion after water to plug the needle eye, but there will still be water seepage phenomenon However, there are always ways, and individuals feel that it is also one way to minimize defects by designing tents.

Pros and cons of lightweighting

As for Li Duan: The biggest advantage of a lightweight product is that it relieves the hardships of outdoor enthusiasts. Double-sided silicon-coated fabrics have good tear strength and high water repellency. Disadvantages: Large electrostatic charge and high cost. Again, the basic role of the post pole and the post pole is to expand the space and wind resistance. Although the high technology has already achieved the best performance of the material, the material also has the limit of capacity, like 8mm and below. The poles of carbon materials are still unreliable in terms of wind resistance...so I think that in the outdoors, sleeping comfortably and comfortably is more important than the mere reduction of a few hundred grams! Especially in the natural environment, all factors should be taken into account when working as an experienced donkey.

British brand Terra Nova spring 2011 new product tent LASER ULTRA 1 weighs only 495 grams

VAUDE ultralight single account from Germany

Also British brand VANGO brand ultralight tent series

Lightweight tent case

Let's take a look at some of the lightest tents in the world. In 2009, Britain had a three-day, two-night outdoor professional competition (similar to our triathlon) considering the athlete's physical fitness. , so the event organizers in Europe as a tender for outdoor brand owners, so that the limit of ultra-lightweight, so many brands are rushing to the birth of this tent: Terra Nova, VANGO and VAUDE, have this type of tent was born, and The appearance is not the same, but in fact the earliest R&D comes from ME..... This kind of tent uses the most extreme material, so wind resistance and space are close to the limit, so it is also a test for users. It seems that the so-called European and American big names also have a plagiarism scene. They apply the phrase “The Ashes of Indus” by the altar friend: “Lazy designer!”

Finally, I hope that the majority of outdoor enthusiasts will analyze rationally and make reasonable choices. Don't get in the clouds. Tents are your home in the open and bring you comfort and protection. I think it's more important. If you are just pursuing lightness, I suggest to bring a raincoat...

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