There are four things to keep in mind when choosing colors:

First, the color design of commodity packaging should be compatible with the attributes of the goods.

According to people's association with color, the image color of packaging and decorating (referring to color association and symbolic objects) represents the content of products, which is one of the designers' commonly used design methods. Image color can enhance the commercial nature, more accurately and intuitively represent the external characteristics of the product, giving consumers a sense of realism. According to the color of the product packaging, consumers can think of the packaging of goods.

For example: coffee and chocolate packaging, usually used in brown and red, to convey the nature of goods. Another example is the packaging of fruit juice drinks. The freshly squeezed pear juice is mainly light yellow, the grape juice is mainly light purple, the orange juice is mainly orange, and the watermelon juice is mainly light pink. Tea packaging is designed with green and light shades the most common. The colors themselves truly reflect the attributes of the goods and also increase the identification of the packages. This method of designing colors is based on the visual characteristics of specific products, so that the form and content maintain a high degree of unity. If this practice is violated, consumers may be misled, which is detrimental to the sale of goods. For example, if a black bottle is used to hold mineral water, it is difficult for consumers to connect from black hole packaging to crystal clear mineral water.

However, it needs to be pointed out that the use of image color is not old-fashioned imprisonment and sticks to conventions. If it can be adapted to local conditions and be flexible and innovative, it may “rebound new ideas” and receive unexpectedly good results. For example, a company uses blue tints to package moon cake foods, so that consumers think of the beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival, thus sprouting the desire to buy and eat moon cakes.

Second, according to people's objective feelings of color, in the packaging design is often the same as a rule about the designer's choice of color, which requires the designer to grasp, use, play the common color of several types of goods packaging and decorating design law.

1. The color of food foods is generally based on vivid and rich warm colors. With red, yellow, brown, etc., it emphasizes taste, such as sweetness, butter, cocoa, and the like. Highlight foods that are fresh and nutritious. Blue and white are used to indicate the hygiene and freezing of food; green is used to indicate the freshness of vegetables and chlorophyll.

2. Medical medicines are generally used only for cold and warm colors. With cold gray, it means anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, calming, pain-relieving; with warm color, nourishing, nourishing, excitement, strong heart and health care; with black blocks, toxic; red and black blocks with giant poison; middle color can make the patient stable.

3, cosmetics cosmetics generally use soft medium or high-definition color. The use of light green, pale pink, and pale rose make consumers think of natural, light and noble, feminine femininity; use black and gray to represent dignity, especially in men's cosmetics, in order to reflect the fortitude of men. deep.

4, children's toys, children's toys are commonly used in bright colors and strong contrast of solid color and cool to win children's interests and hobbies. The baby product package is based on pastel colors, symbolizing the baby's tenderness.

5, textiles, textile products, packaging, color, multi-level black, white, gray or gray tone, in order to seek comparison in the reconciliation, in the comparison and seek reconciliation. For women's textiles, bright pink colors such as pink, pale scarlet, light rose, and pink, which are popular with women, are used to convey soft and light attributes.

6, sporting goods sporting goods are generally more vivid, loud color blocks, in order to enhance the active atmosphere and sporty.

7, hardware, machine tools generally use more blue, black and other calm color blocks, to represent the characteristics of strong, durable and sophisticated. Third, due to the different subjective emotional factors of color production, designers should use the color preferences of both the main sales target of the goods and the sales regions, and use colors that can convey the nature of the goods and cause goodwill.

For example, if you design a package for French juveniles and use a blue tone, they will like it; but if the same product is sold for a Belgian teenager, you have to consider the package in pink tones.

Fourth, the decorative color of packaging and decoration

The use of image color to make the design and content consistent with the same design is not the only design method. With the development of science and culture, people's needs for spiritual life and material life have changed, which will inevitably affect people's aesthetic concepts and habits. Therefore, it is a goal pursued by people to express content with emotional, concise, and decorative colors.

The decorative color of packaging and decoration emphasizes the decorativeness of color on the packaging. It has the purpose of increasing the appeal to the consumers, winning the admiration, and finally reaching the goal of selling products. The use of decorative colors emphasizes the decorative beauty from the combination of color and color. It is the use of modern colors of physical, physiological, psychological and aesthetic theories to study and explore people's interest in color and desire, and then through the color "three properties" change and contrast and harmony relations and spatial processing and interaction of the organic combination. Achieved.

For example: Weiju special food series packaging design, the author starting from the overall display of decorative effects, the four packaging with green, red, orange, purple four colors distinguish four different foods. Each package uses a single color, its brightness, purity handled properly, elegant and generous. Especially displayed on the shelves, it is as eye-catching and beautiful as a rainbow.

The application of decorative color in packaging and decorating design, with the development of society, the change of people's aesthetic consciousness will become more and more extensive, and the image color of realism has become two opposite development trends, and each one is extreme and perfect. Direction.

In the final analysis, excellent packaging design should be a popular, international, market-oriented design. It should be able to meet the aesthetic needs of consumers and express the emotional voice of consumers. It should have a powerful impact on the consumer's vision and psychology. Inspire consumers' strong desire to buy. Therefore, designers are required to explore the general laws of color psychology, but also to set specific color schemes. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that the choice of color must always be subordinated to the needs of sales, and not to the designer's interests and hobbies.

An Lijie Journal of Liaoning Teachers College: Social Sciences Edition-2006 No.2

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