The well-designed cloakroom highlights the owner's rigorous, meticulous, principled, and discerning lifestyle.

First, control the open-type oversized cloakroom

Imagine the actual needs before designing, such as whether the dressing room is also used as a dressing room, whether the display area is outside or hidden inside. At the same time, the clothing classification method should also be considered well. Where are the formal wear areas, casual wear areas, home service areas, and the proportion of each, etc., and more scientific arrangements, in order to accurately set the size of each part.

The environmental tones created by the lighting are also the focus of the cloakroom. The lighting needs to be perfectly integrated into the overall atmosphere while maintaining its own function. The cloakroom is usually closed and there is no natural light infiltration. Therefore, it is best to use a light source such as a fluorescent lamp that is close to natural light, so that the color of the clothes is close to normal. In the dressing table and display area, the spotlight can be appropriately selected to add an atmosphere. In the light of the cloakroom, we can learn from the experience of Japanese interior designers. They emphasize that the room lighting should take care of the hostess's mood and make their skin tone look healthier and more lustrous. This criterion is especially useful in the light source of the cloakroom and kitchen. important.

A large cloakroom can be customized with a jewellery cabinet, which can be seen at a glance, and at the same time give yourself the satisfaction of being in a jewelry store.

There is almost no barrier inside the open cloakroom, which is more conducive to the user's communication with each other.

Stainless steel sugar shaker is one of our products. It is made from food grade material which can pass FDA tests or even LFGB tests. We can treat it as a container for sugar powder, salt and pepper. Thus, when we bake and cook in kitchen, we will use it. It has some kinds of lid, lid with mesh, lid with small or big holes, to meet very seasoning need in kitchen. As a manufacturer, we concentrate on creating more functional gadgets all the time. Because of this, we earn a good name between our customers.

Sugar Shakers

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