9 test cycle

9.1 The test period shall be selected according to the relevant standards of the materials or products to be tested. If there is no standard, it can be decided through consultations.

The recommended test cycles are 2h, 6h, 24h, 48h, 72h, 96h, 144h, 168h, 240h, 480h, 720h, 1000h.

9.2 Spray shall not be interrupted during the specified test period. The salt spray test chamber can only be opened when a brief observation of the sample is required.

9.3 If the test is terminated depending on the time at which corrosion begins to occur, the sample should be inspected frequently. Therefore, these samples cannot be tested together with tests requiring a predetermined test period.

9.4 Specimens of the scheduled test period may be inspected periodically, but during the inspection process, the surface of the test surface shall not be destroyed, and the time and frequency of opening the salt spray test chamber shall be as small as possible.

最新盐雾试验箱GBT10125-2012标准 试验周期

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