For people familiar with the pesticide industry, in recent years, with the emphasis placed on green, pollution-free vegetables and food, high-toxic pesticides have begun to withdraw from the market, and the market growth of pesticides has been declining year by year. This is a great survival pressure for the packaging of pesticide bottles. As packaging companies continue to join the pesticide bottle production market, the market is shrinking. Therefore, we believe that the future pesticide bottle market will face pressure from reshuffling and market adjustment.

For those who have been engaged in pesticide bottle production for a long time, they have accumulated rich production experience in the industry. For this part of the manufacturers, with the decline in the domestic market space, some markets can be turned to the international market. With the accumulation of pesticide bottle production technology for many years, combined with the special needs of countries for pesticide bottles, we take the international market as a good way. For new pesticide bottle manufacturers entering this market, we believe that if we do not have the advantage of market cooperation, or proprietary patented pesticide bottle technology, we can try to turn to other areas of production, after all, the overall market space is compressed.

For the domestic pesticide bottle market, with the adjustment of the pesticide industry, it is necessary for the pesticide bottle manufacturers to improve product packaging in more detail in conjunction with market changes.

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