Looking at the history books, many emperors will seek all kinds of elixir for the sake of immortality and eternal youth. In fact, old and not old are a very normal natural law, but in reality some people are obviously so old, but you feel that he has never changed. The entertainment circle also has a lot of well-maintained stars. Although it has reached the age of no doubt, every time it appears, it feels like a 20-year-old, and has a youthful atmosphere. Let's expose the maintenance methods of those stars.
Star Care Method Lin Zhiying Care Secrets Huichun Needles Yi Neng Jing Beauty Method
Maintenance methods for the top ten stars:
Jin Xishan, regular blood transfusion
Jin Xishan, who is known as the "first beauty in Korea," slowly faded out of the entertainment circle after marriage. After a lapse of six years, Jin Xishan, who successfully returned to the TV screen through the TV series "Xinyi", is still beautiful and beautiful. Recently, Kim Hee-sung recorded the scene of the SBS talk show "Heeling camp", revealing the secret of maintaining his beauty. She said: "The reason why we can maintain beauty is because we receive blood transfusions on a regular basis." The host was shocked.
Lin Zhiying, six glasses of water a day
Lin Zhiying is 38 years old this year, but the years have not left a trace on his face, and it is not a legend to be sealed by netizens. Recently, Lin Zhiying has taken two photos with the same fan 20 years ago and now, fans have grown up, and Lin Zhiying is still the appearance of the age of seventeen. After that, Lin Zhiying revealed his secrets of maintenance in Weibo. Keep a good attitude and drink an average of six glasses of water a day.
Liu Xiaoqing
Recently, Liu Xiaoqing has shown a photo of her recent attendance on her Weibo. At the age of 57, she is comparable to Fan Bingbing, 30, who can't see the traces of the years. Liu Xiaoqing's photo quickly attracted a large number of netizens onlookers. Some netizens said: "It's terrible... Liu Grandma can speak of preservatives!" And Liu Xiaoqing said that she likes vegetarian food, mainly eating more vegetarian dishes and eating less. Meat, Liu Xiaoqing attended the banquet for various occasions, rarely saw her eating meat, seafood is also rarely eaten, basically vegetarian.
Zhao Yazhi, regular life
When it comes to the youngest and never-ending star in the entertainment industry, you must be the first to think of Zhao Yazhi. People who are running fast, but you look at her style of attending various events, it is not like a person who is nearly 60 years old, graceful and graceful, almost the same as the appearance of the Hong Kong sister in that year, people can not help but envy. Zhao Yazhi's life is very regular, eating healthy, not partial eclipse, not eating what to eat, but not vegetarian, but also like to eat spicy, as long as attention to the balance of nutrition is no problem.
Liu Dehua rejuvenation needle
The four kings of the past, Andy Lau, have now become a family, but this energetic king is still moving forward in the world of entertainment, using his super professional dedication to interpret the years of gold. Looking at him so hard, do you still care that he is a person of nearly half a year? There are many artists whose faces are not always old, and they have to benefit a lot from the increasingly developed beauty technology. Earlier, Hua Tsai revealed that she had played back the spring needle. Hua Tsai is still young, but still looks young and full of charm. The rejuvenation needle is also a major hero.
Lin Zhiling does not open air conditioning
The 38-year-old Lin Chi-ling also has the perfect body of youthful appearance, and her doll sound is even more "don't believe" to her age, which makes many girls envious. Lin Zhiling revealed that his summer maintenance secret is to try not to open the air conditioner. "Because the air conditioner will make the skin lack of water and become dry."
Yi Nengjing Mummy Beauty Method
Yi Nengjing, born in 1969, has baby-like skin, a lovely smile, and wearing a pink dress once made me mistakenly think that she is after 80, showing how good the maintenance. Among the many beauty methods of the stars, Yi Nengjing’s “mummy” beauty method is the most jaw-dropping. As everyone knows, why the mummies can be preserved for thousands of years, because the liquids that preserve the mummies contain a very common substance, preservatives, and this substance is also the strange thing of Yi Neng's beauty method.
Pan Yingzi Sports
Pan Yingzi has a title called "not old doll." Although she is now in her 60s, if you compare it with the photos at the age of 30, it seems that there is no change at all. It is well-deserved that she is the only beauty star in China that is never aging. Pan Yingzi once mentioned in her interview that her secret of not being old is to stick to long-term exercise, and once a week, even at the busiest time, it is fixed three times a week.
Lu Liangwei, practicing Qigong
Lu Liangwei, who has passed the year of incomprehension, is still tall, tall and handsome, and people can't help but think of the classic image "Ding Li" in "Shanghai", which also makes female fans praise his maintenance. When introducing her own maintenance experience, Lv Liangwei said: First of all, we must have a healthy mentality, peace of mind, sleep in peace of mind, and people can live happily. Secondly, doing more exercise, Lu Liangwei also revealed that she has practiced qigong and beauty; once again, there is good living habit.
Yang Liping See "Compendium of Materia Medica"
Yang Liping, a famous Chinese dancer, was born in 1958. Yang Liping, who is 54 years old, can still dance lively on the stage. Talking about how to maintain such a good state all the time, Yang Liping said to go to see Li Shizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica". What to eat, what to eat, what to eat, how to eat, etc., I often use it as my recipe menu.
Have you learned the maintenance methods of these stars?

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