Waste PE, PP film how to crush re-granulation? What are the current and future prospects of waste PE and PP pellets?

A: PE and PP films are tough materials that cannot be crushed with ordinary plastic crushers. Ordinary plastic crusher, one is hammering method, suitable for crushing materials with small hardness and toughness; the other is cutting with a cutter, a row of fixed cutters and a set of rotary cutters, which is suitable for processing. High toughness melting point material. Because the PE and PP films are soft and tough, they are not easy to shred. Not to mention the high temperature of the tool at high speed will cause the LDPE to melt and adhere to the cutting edge. Therefore, the granulation of PE and PP films can be directly put into the feeding port of the extruder, and the PE and PP films can be dragged into the barrel by heating, extrusion and granulation by the shearing force of the screw. PE, PP recycling of a material, can still be blown film for non-food and pharmaceutical packaging, but also widely used in Oxford leather and tarpaulin production, the future is very good.

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