Recently, China Aviation Industry Corporation No.2 Sanjiang Machinery Factory passed the YWZ-4.512A four-slot mesh machine prototype. The YWZ-4.512A four-slot mesh machine is a new type of mesh machine developed by the factory to meet the needs of the plastic knitting market to weave mesh bags mainly made of round wire, and to accelerate the development of new products.

The machine has a maximum diameter of 5/2 yarns and a fabric width of 400mm-700mm. The main structure is a convex curve wheel, a roller type slider, and it is equipped with broken and full weft functions. It is controlled by a frequency converter and greatly improved. The weaving efficiency is an ideal alternative to the current mesh machine.

At the prototype confirmation meeting, the factory chief engineer and director of the Science and Technology Committee Shang Xuefeng and the Ministry of Science and Technology Quality, the Ministry of Manufacturing Engineering, the Ministry of Planning and Development, the Ministry of Human Resources, and the financial auditing department were listening to the person in charge of the new product development project about the development of the new machine. Opinions after the presentation. Participants fully affirmed the successful development of the aircraft, and put forward positive suggestions on how to further improve the product's technical level, reduce product costs, do a good job of product design and packaging design. Participants agreed that the aircraft had reached the requirements for design and development tasks and users and agreed to confirm it through prototypes.

Source: China Packaging News

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